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Get your prescription in just THREE easy steps...

How does ordering prescription treatments online with the Online Doctor + Pharmacy work?

It’s simple and all comes without the hassle of GP phone calls, arranging appointments and finding the time to travel to them. With the Online Doctor + Pharmacy, you can get what you need at just the click of a button.

Step 1


Once you’ve found what you’re after, you will be asked to fill out a self-certification form before you place your order in order to give our pharmacists a better idea of you and your health.

Step 2


Your request will be looked at by one of our experienced pharmacists who will determine whether or not the requested medication is both safe and suited to treating your condition.

Step 3


Payment will not be taken until approval. We take our card payments automatically once the pharmacy approves your request.

Step 4


Once approved by the pharmacist, the product is then checked, dispatched, and delivered right to your doorstep. We also offer express delivery, so you’ll get your order in no time!